Sunday, February 28, 2010

Portland gay couple, survivors of Vietnam War, now find peace

Portland gay couple, survivors of Vietnam War, now find peace.

That is the title of an article on the front page of "The Oregonian" today.

I know very well who these two people are, Tom Norton and Bao Nguyen. I read this article in the paper this morning, and then online looked up "The Oregonian" and then typed in the search bar for Tom Norton. My Hubbie has been friends with Tom forever, and the man truly is a silent hero. Boa is cut from the same cloth, and to be in a room with them together is to see greatness.

After reading the online comments, there were some of the most heartfelt and sincere responses one could hope for, but unfortunately some of the most bitter.

To Tom and Boa, it has always been, and will always be an honor for me to be in your presence. The histories each of you have endured are horrific at best, and yet you are two of the sweetest, most amazing individuals I have ever known. It is a wonderful gift to know you.

Most of my readers have a strong understanding of the strength and courage it takes to join the military as a homosexual, especially when it requires war time participation. I have lived it, I have been there, and I would not wish it on anyone. Having said that, my time in the military was a child at the playground compared to Tom's. He saved peoples lives by putting his own at risk, and in return he is belittled and degraded by pathetic fucking idiots who have not a clue the cost of freedom. My deepest respect will always be with Tom and his sacrifices, but my respect for the citizens of the country we both fought for is very much at risk.

I find it disturbing that in todays situation, of americans coming home in body- bags, in pieces, or in just plain empty shells of what they once were, that our society still is able to spit such distain without even the slightest second thought. Gay, straight, male, female, black, white or even purple, I don't care what the label, a veteran has paid the fee to be worthy of respect, period.

I am proud to have served in the footsteps of greatness. Your sacrifices, Tom, are not unnoticed.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grandpa and Oscar..

I spoke to Grandpa this morning, and he is in good spirits! I have been talking to the nursing staff in ICU, and they think Grandpa is a "hoot"! Every time I called, he was sleeping so it wasn't until this morning that we actually connected.

He has quite a large ulcer, that is bleed into his digestive tract. They have given him five full units of blood, but if he eats are drinks, he starts to bleed again. The are testing right now to see his blood levels for possible surgery. Grandpa said "I think I am about a quart low"!

In any case, they are going to try microscopic surgery first, going down the throat in an effort to not have to cut him open. If that doesn't work, they may have to do go in through his abdomen. I asked Grandpa if he was worried about a scar on his bikini line and he said "I don't want to think about it because it will probably ruin my shot as a centerfold in Playgirl"!

My Aunt "P" took her husband to the Ice Hotel in Canada for the week-end, and Grandpa thinks that is the greatest thing ever! When she returns on Monday, he wants to hear all about it!

And to make matters more stressful....

Oscar has pancreatitis. This morning we go for the third trip to the vet in as many days. We have to pick him up to move him as he wants nothing to do with walking. He is in a lot of pain, but we are giving him some pain killers and he is sleeping a lot. He won't drink water, so we have to force it with a syringe. He does eat, little bits at a time though, so that is good. So, today is lay in bed and cuddle with Oscar day. The Hubby is going out of his mind, not from worry, but because he feels so helpless.

Anyway, I am sure all things will get better soon, and that we are over the hump of the worst for both Grandpa and Oscar. Now, I am going to go upstairs and suck down a bottle of Gin, because they say these things come in threes, and I am just not ready for any more shit to hit the fan.......


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grandpa is in the ICU unit.....

Yesterday Grandpa asked to be taken to the Hospital, and everyone thought it was because he has been sick for a few days. They took him right away to the emergency room, and he has internal bleeding. Last night at about 8pm midwest time he underwent a bunch of "-oscopy" procedures to find the bleeding. Grandpa did not want any phone calls, and just wanted to sleep. Today I called and he has been moved to I.C.U. but I do not yet know what the full story is. He is sleeping and I did not want to disturb him, and his Nurse is on rounds. No update yet, but I have to say, it sounds like he is in good hands. The staff I have spoken too think he is "just wonderful" and "full of jokes"........

What ever the case, I will keep you informed as I find out more...

On another note, I am set for interview number 4 tomorrow morning.

Boy, when it rains, it pours! Could I get anymore stress?


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I got called back for interview number 3!

Tomorrow is interview number three with the Director! I am so nervous I could puke!!!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interview recap...

All went well. I came to the appointment totally prepared. I had a business proposal, with budget saving idea's, as well as workforce and training recommendations. I think I caught them off guard with that one, but they quickly reviewed and started digging in....

All, in all, I think I set myself apart as a face to remember and hope to get a call back for the third interview with the group. Who knows!!!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Job interview..

I have a real job interview tomorrow!!!!! With benefits and everything! I feel all grown up and stuff!!!


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