Friday, May 29, 2009

All fears behind me...

All fears behind me, and Jimmy and Lil' Deb sound asleep upstairs, we are inches away from embarking on our trip.

I will try to blog on the fly and give the "moment in time" power play, and go into detail upon return.

We leave in two hours, and I cannot sleep!

And so it begins!!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And terror comes to call.....

It has dawned on me, that I am about to take the two most influential and important people that have existed on the face of time, to the place I grew up.  The two people whose existence saved me from myself and the hell I escaped from, are about to fly back and see a portion of my previous existence for themselves.  

How significant is the word "fly" from above.  Angels come to mind.

Yes I am excited to reflect upon the good times of my life, but there are moments that come to mind that completely set me into a fit of rage and terror.  Moments from my past.  Moments that Meatloaf sings about....

And when the sun descended and the night arose

I heard my father cursing everyone he knows

He was dangerous and drunk and defeated

And corroded by failure and envy and hate

There were endless winters and my dreams would freeze

Nowhere to hide and no leaves on the trees

And my fathers eyes were blank as he hit me again and again and again and again

I know I still believe he'd never let me leave, I had to run away alone

So many threats and fears, so many wasted years before my life became My own

And though the nightmares should be over

Some of the terrors are still intact

Ill hear that ugly coarse and violent voice

And then he grabs me from behind and then he pulls me back

God forgive me, for if my parents were to make an appearance anywhere near Jimmy or Lil' Deb, I would tear every limb from their bodies followed shortly afterword by one internal organ at a time.  I am no longer a defenseless child.  I am grown up, and now, I have something of value to lose.  If they did decide to show themselves, their suffering will be legendary, even in hell.  I know full well, that Grandpa would never allow either of them to show their pathetic faces with me there, but a tinge of fear still keeps knocking on the door in the back of my mind.

Well, lets get packed!

Last minute jitters, that's all.  Really.


Monday, May 25, 2009


Today I thank my fallen Brothers and Sisters for their sacrifices and send my love and support to the family's they have left behind.

Bless you all.


Sometimes Man is Kind....

A record heat wave in Australia is not good news.  Global Warming is a fact, and as some of us turn a blind eye and bury our heads in the sand, others are doing something as simple as sharing water.  As simple as sharing.  All life is here and needs to share to survive.  I guess sharing isn't simple at all, it is a necessity.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

And on another front...

From an email my Aunt sent......

Have you ever seen one like this before?

Well neither had I......

Calm down... 

It's just... A Panda baby!!! Isn't it cute?

What were you thinking?


Friday, May 22, 2009

Tea Bag

I don't think my co-workers really know I am gay.

I heard the term "tea-bag" six times today at work.

Tea-Bag - to dip ones testicles into some ones mouth.

Hmmmmmm.  This is a term I have only heard from straight guys.  So, what gives?  My people don't run around yelling "Tea-Bag" or creating bizarrely uncomfortable situations where the term is used.  Am I missing something?  (Well, obviously not the act itself, but why is this funny?)

Ladies?  Tell me.  Do you Tea-Bag?  Is this some sort of revolution?  Is Tea-Bagging, all the rage with the women?  Will we find "Tea-Bagging and You" in the next issue of Vogue?

Maybe it is just me, but I think that this is a topic best left to 9 year old boys to toss around and not adult men.  I am some what saddened.  I mean seriously, I prefer to discuss "Hide the Weenie"!

Fact - Testosterone kills brain cells.  

I must admit, my scrotum is more active with other libations then tea!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

One week

In one week, I will be all packed and too excited to sleep.

The three of us are on a whirlwind, no plans, do what we want to do trip....

One of the things I am really looking forward too other then seeing Grandpa is this:


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yes still here again

Lil Deb sent this.....She wants to take me here when she wins the lotto....


Monday, May 18, 2009

I am still here...

Seriously, with Grandpa's trip right around the corner there is so much to do!

Get the yard in order, and the house.  That way it is easy for the house-sitters.  Oscars luggage for his little trip to Auntie Karen's, and our own trip info!

So many people to call, so many plans to make, so many plants to trimmmmmmmmmmm..................

Argh, vacation becomes so much work!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


Dearest readers.  I heard the greatest thing today!

At work I heard a lady say that as a man gets older, his "tool" gets bigger!!!  What a fantastic thing!

I just measured, and either I am not getting older or this tale is simply a fabrication.



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Long day Wednesday

I worked from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm today and I have a bit of a headache.  I am going to bed to dream about soft clouds and loin clothed Firemen.  Maybe you could do the same!  


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Package complete!

Grandpa's package is complete!  It has candy, food, and adult stuff!  Yes, I did it, went to the porn store and bought some soft core magazines and gag gifts just for fun!

Sounds odd, I know, but Grandpa has a heck of a sense of humor so I thought I would play to that!  Nuddy mags and junk food!  I think he will laugh out loud, and have enough stuff to make jokes for a couple weeks!

Oh, I also put popcorn in there!  He will have to pull the dentures out of the little green box they love to stay in!  He will laugh at me for sure on that one!

All and all, Grandpa is well.  I know he is very excited about us coming back, and every time I talk to him we have to run down the whole agenda again.  I think he has plotted out every moment for the entire time!  He is taking us out to dinner even, and he never goes out to dinner!!  I can't wait til he meets his "Grand-Son-In-Law"!!!!!  This is going to be a definite moment to remember!!!!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Week-end!

SSG took me wine tasting!  It was a wonderful break with great wine!  I bought some of my favorites, and came home to have diner with friends.  SSG and I and my Hubby all made diner together.  Auntie K and I put up a 16 foot bamboo into a planter on her deck and she came over for wine and diner as well.  It was all talk and relaxing.  Great Saturday!

Sunday came and off we went to Moms for Mothers day.  We spent a couple hours with her and headed back.  I then filled the next 5 hours with all the tasks required for the week-end.  Packed a lot into a Sunday, but it was warm and sunny and wonderful!

All in all, a great week-end.  Now off to pack up another box for Grandpa, and then to think of the upcoming trip to see him.  I am excited!

Sorry so short today, but so much to do with so little time.  Let's cover more tomorrow!!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

As Promised...

Below is the biggest of the four ponds.  This shot makes it look rather small, but it is about 20 long and 16 feet wide.  We lost all but one of our full grown Koi thanks to the cold winter, but the one that is left now has a school of little friends!!!!  I can't wait until they start to play when it gets warmer!!!

Below is our middle pond.  It is about 15 feet by 8 feet and holds gold fish.  They are all starting to roam around now that it is warming up.  They are still a little shy, but coming around!!!

Below is the sign for Journeys were AB and SSG and I did some pole dancing!  Just kidding!  We had a wonderful talk and hung out with drinks!  I had a great time with two very sexy women!!!!!!  It was as it should be!!!  Fun and relaxing!!

This shot is from "The Village" which is a couple blocks from my house.  You can see that "Gardens" are really in and looking good now!  I love it!!!!

Can't wait to show Lil Deb!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Blooms even more!!


Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Monday, and time to take a long relaxing bath...

Ah, Monday.  It's over, and I am off to the tub to relax!  Think happy relaxing thoughts for me!!!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Meme from Lil Deb...

And another post for our Lil Deb!  I told you Ladies and Gentlemen that she should get her own post, and here is why!!!!

Lil' Deb meme:
1. Yes, (sniff-sniff!) I have been to Europe.  Actually, I was part of a summer exchange program by the Rotary Club and spent 2 months in the Tyrol region of Austria.  Got to spend one week in an honest-to-god castle with the family who owned it.  My biggest 'oops moments' included making some of the hosts burst into tears when I asked about Hitler and nearly being successfully seduced by several young Austrian men.  One even proposed marriage...but hey!..I was barely 16 at the time and dumb as a rock!  Sure loved the beer though!!
2. I am an ordained Wiccan high priestess. (long story)
3. I don't believe there are any purely "straight" humans...that we choose our mates based on inclination, opportunity, and circumstance. (just a theory!?)  I have been in love with both men and women.
4. I HATE Bullys and shallow people!!!
5. Trying to spread the word-The United States of America is not a pure democracy, but rather was formed as A REPUBLIC.  (There is a big difference and we are the only one in the world that has been successful at it)
6. I modeled for the cover of a magazine back in the 60's tripping on acid....the photographer particularly liked my big pupils!
7. Have canoed in the Boundary Waters area of Northern Minnesota and experienced (survived) an after-sauna plunge through the ice...naked! (can you say d-r-u-n-k?)

**Makes you want more, doesn't it!  I so want her to start her own Blog!!!!  Very, very much!!!!  Lets keep digging at her to get started.  Later this month se will be right here and I can help her get started!!!!!!


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