Saturday, July 25, 2009

So, in earlier episodes....

Our time with Grandpa and Julius (That's Mr. Kessler to those of you not formally introduced...) came to an end. We headed out to Gotham, then to the house on the rock, then to Lacrosse WI for supper and sleep. The next morning, we got up, walked around, had breakfast with the greatest waitress ever and packed up the car. We drove a lot, but did not get far, and yes Lil Deb, it was all my fault! least I did not fart!

We pissed off the British guy inside the GPS box, changed his voice and language several times, and finally turned him off. This was one of the most wonderful parts of the trip. No destination, no plan, and no pressure. We simply drove and enjoyed the conversation and the special bond we three share. It was perfect!

We stopped at Skyline on Pepin in Lake City MN for lunch. We ordered the following:

Glass of Chardonnay, Gin and tonic double tall, Bloody Mary, deep fried cheese curds, french fries, shrimp cock-tail (wink-wink) and some other trinkets. That Bar tender and one other customer were quite fun! We found out about Nessie, the Lake Pepin Monster! We also found out about other sea creatures and that this was pretty much the off-season. After drinks and snacks we were off again, although we did promise to write!!!!!

After that, we jumped on the "Lets Get to Duluth" bandwagon! Thanks to Hubbies great driving and Lil Debs "senile" directions, we turned the British guy back on. It turned into a battle similar to the WWF Smack-down! Lil Deb had British Guy by the throat, then British Guy bit her ear and took over the power position. She gave a stark upper cut and threw him off the windshield, but he bounced back and gave her a stern kick in the shin! The spit, the blood, the sweat, oh the torment! It was just outside of Minneapolis that Lil Deb said "oh, wait, this is the right way. I just had the road number wrong." Lil Deb and British guy in the GPS called it even and went back to their corners, for a little rest......

Eventually, we did in fact make it to the "Giant Buffalo".......

This is where Lil Deb's son works. We went in, but he wasn't working, so we got back in the car and headed the last couple miles into Duluth. This City is quite narrow, but it goes on for like 20 miles!!! It is very nice! We drove around a bit checking things out. When we got to a Hotel, we unpacked and made a phone call.

I won't go to in depth here, as this is Lil Deb's family and deserves not to be plastered all over the internet without permission, but let me just say........When Lil Deb comes to town, people come out of the wood-work!!!!! WOW! I secretly began acting like she was Cher and I was her body guard. My goodness, the entourage this lady keeps.....


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