Monday, March 15, 2010

Kyle says....

Okay, so the other day at work I found a flaw with the process the company on the whole was practicing. The details are not important, but the powers that be credited the issue to "Kyle" instead of me. So, basically, my name was not important enough to remember even though it was on the email address and the signature line. What ever the case, this mythical "Kyle" got the credit for a job well done which left my supervisor and direct managers completely baffled.

I, in turn, as is my usual tendency, let this slide for the betterment of humanity. "What?" you say? Let me describe....

So, basically, my efforts receive all due attention, but under the wrong name. Why would it matter? Let us say for a moment that I pointed out the error that occurred by the powers that be. These god-like managers that write the path of financial institutions would simply equate my situation as finger pointing and never allow me to move forward, yes, but if left alone, I have ultimate power! "How?" you might ask. Well, now I actually have the ultimate power by simply saying "Kyle did it!" or "Kyle said it!" or "By the power of Kyle, I command you!".....Get the picture?

So, for now, I am plotting a "Kyle" take over. Kyle is going to write a "Kyle says" collection of proverbs (not unlike Confucius....) This is where I need your help......Please, by all means, send everything possible for this worldly document in order to publish and become filthy rich so that we can not only obtain a pool, but a pool boy as well (and possibly a bar tender!!!)!

Here is what I have so far....

Kyle says "It is best to wipe from back to front"

Kyle says "Yes pubic hair is natural, but it still needs to be kept trimmed"

Kyle says "Ah, grasshopper, when nature calls, by all means call back, but as quietly as possible, lest the bear eats you before completion!!"

Kyle says "As we have learned from Lil Deb, do not microwave fish on high or microwave coffee smell bad!!"

Get the picture? Take a moment and let me know your thoughts! We, combined, can become Kyle and take over the universe (as long as it is in spandex......Oh, anyone have a bedazzler????)


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. March 16, 2010 at 5:54 AM  

Kyle says "When Russia gives us a memorial, we need to know about it!"

sars! March 16, 2010 at 9:18 AM  

you made my day and it just started.... thank kyle

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