Monday, November 1, 2010

Can't we all just get along?

Do me a favor. Do yourself a favor. Do man/woman kind a favor. Let us all be nice.

Starting today, try to do one additional thing nice. Say "Hello". Offer assistance to someone in need. Pay attention to someone who needs it. Put a flower on a co-workers desk, just for fun. Take your neighbor a cookie. Give the person who delivers your mail a piece of candy. Tell the bus driver you appreciate what they do. Open your heart to others around you. Tell some one special how much you love them. Smile, say "Thank You", wave, wink and giggle, and for goodness sake, HUG!!!!

If we take very small steps, and just be nice, then even our differences become smaller. Look at your fellow members of the Human Species and find at least one good quality. Find the positive spin in everything! Be Happy, and pass it along like it is a drug.

When I see people, I do not see Democrats or Republicans or Tea Party members or even skin color. I see people. I see people who deserve a smile, or a hug or at the very least a respectful glance to let them know they are seen and have value. We have this bigger brain, these opposable thumbs and a heart. Lets start using them for positive affirmation instead of fear and destruction.

I see you, I hear you, and I read you. You are worthy, and I value you. Please accept these words as a great big "Gosh I Love You" Hug from the heart.

Now go out there and pass it on!!!!

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