Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free for all driving, take one!

Monday night, after leaving Grandpa, hitting Gotham, then "The House on the Rock" (big let down, no more to that story....), the roadkill galore passenger count and driving Mrs. Debbie, we decided to head to a stopping point.

Lacrosse WI was were we landed. We had a nice evening, ate at Piggies, had a nice meal, and went back to the Hotel to crash. And crash we did. Lil Deb went on a little reading journey about a teenage vampire in a four book series...........Well done!

Tuesday morning and we were back to full charge! Life was grand, we had no plans, no appointment's, and no hassles. First, we took a walk down the waterfront. Lil Deb made friends with a cat whisperer. We saw some ground squirrels that a bit too fat to be wild, and bird galore. We walked for a while, and then decided to head to the Hotel for a little breakfast.

We arrived as usual. All three bombarding this poor waitress with "Good Morning" "How are you?", "Here let me help you with that", "Oh, do you mind if I vacuum?"....all that sort of thing. So, it took only a second for the waitress to realize that we were complete smart asses that knew how hard she worked and how much we respected her efforts. She gave us the grand tour.

We were introduced to the "Old Time" Waffle maker, the roller hash brown holder, the bagel cutter, full assortment of side dishes and so on and so on. This woman had her hand full with cleaning alone, let alone watching tables. We made our breakfast through the buffet line, and each of us helped a little by cleaning our respective areas to help out. It was funny! All three of us know the service industry and how hard of a job it is. This waitress just laughed right along with us, and smiled. She kept making little comments, and would stop and talk to us in brief visits, but all in all, we made each others day. Hell, we even stacked the dishes up on the table, ready for the bus tray! I don't remember her name, but if she is reading this, I tell you she was a WhoooooooooT!

So, with no clue, we loaded the car. We started the engine and decided to drive"That Way" and see where it took us, and it took us just that way.

We ignored the british guy on the GPS, and in fact changed his voice several times, and too several different languages. It was quite fun. Inevitably, he became irritated with us and gave us the wrong directions. Seriously, the three of us could have found our way anywhere, but British Dude screwed it all up for us.

At one point, we had driven for four hours. We had crisscrossed across the river from MN to WI and back again many times. We stopped for potty breaks, smoke breaks and just plain breaks. In that time, we traveled 28 miles north of our starting point. That is a vacation!

Tomorrow, we begin with a note that Lil Deb wrote about me. Just so you know, she was obviously not of sound mind at the time, and probably now riddled with guilt. (Yes dear, I shall never forget!)

See you tomorrow!

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Oooooh, I have been out of town too long! I gots to get all caught up! I will be here tomorrow with bells on!

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