Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love you Duluth......

Hey, does this moose make me look fat?

Ah, flowers for me! Thank you Duluth!!!! (Click on Duluth to check her out!!!)

So, Lil Deb came to town, and the town came to Lil Deb! Seriously! Look! Word got out, and this is what happened!

Just kidding! Got ya!

After unpacking, Lil Deb made one phone call.

We went to supper at the Green Mill.

T and B showed up, and Lil Deb was alive!! T is this giant of a man that could simply squash my head with his finger and thumb. This big bear of a man came over, and sat down with the shiniest heart of gold I have ever seen. He has those eyes that just make you feel safe and trusting. B, is a tiny little mouse compared to T, but she is a spitfire! Now B is one of the Ladies that is so smart, even her hair has brains. She could have easily crossed her eyes and telepathically fried my brains, but she too has those eyes. Trust and comfort were felt instantly when they sat down. Within seconds, we had multiple conversations raging on, one over top of the other and wound into the same. It was like verbal twister, and it was fun. Oh, and yes Mrs, I will have another Gin and Tonic!!!

So, while at the table, Hubbies phone was sitting there so I texted Lil Debs son (we will call him "D" for posterity). So, a few moments later, a text returns saying that it is Lil Deb's Grandsons graduation night. (So, as is my practice, Grandson becomes "P"). So follow this.

Predo, Hubby and Lil Deb roll into to town. We got to supper. T and B show up. After graduation D, J, and P show up with even more people. So, since we were constipating every possible fire exit, we chose to have them push every table in Duluth together so we could all eat. For hours, this rag tag group of alphabet soup names rambled on and on. These are the people I want to be surrounded with! These are fun, smart and easy going people. These are Lil Debs family members!!!

B told me about a million things, and kept me spell bound the whole time. For example, here are some of the topics......

The old days, when over a hundred people would eat at one really long table. Norwegian food, servants (in that time and era) and dressing to the nine's! She had my brain going a thousand miles an hour!!

The night was getting very late, so we decided to head back to the hotel. Lil Deb of course was kidnapped by T and B, but she did not appear to put up any kind of a fight!!!

The next morning, we got up, went to breakfast with the crew! We went shopping, had lunch and went to B's house to post on the blog. Shortly there after, we left for new adventures....

Again, not a lot of detail here, but it is not my place to roll Lil Debs part of the vacation out for all to read.....That being said, Lil Deb is loved a great deal. She is honored, and protected and obviously VERY POPULAR! The respect, the love and the kindness that her friends and family handed to us on a silver platter was all due to the fact that we know her. It was quite something to have shared that adventure with her. Hubby and I are very lucky!

Oh yeah.....Congrats "P"....Happy Graduation!!!!


Anonymous,  July 26, 2009 at 7:29 PM  

And Duluth loves you guys!....Wish you could have stayed longer. B&T

Anonymous,  July 27, 2009 at 6:06 AM  

By the time we reached Duluth, we had pretty much decided WE were going to be a roadside attraction,..and we were! Everywhere we stopped we were all greeted with gracious kindness and hospitality. Sorry Big Tom eluded the camera but you get the idea I think. B&T are the kind of friends I've known forever and have changed the course of my life many times. I LOVE THEM BEYOND REASON!! Also, please note the size difference between my son and wife! Cool, huh? Predo was brave and terrified through the whole visit but after being on Grandpa's farm for 3 days, he needed this!
Lil Deb

Living on the Spit July 27, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

That sounds like a wonderful time was had by everyone...what a special memory to have...ya know, Willoughby Spit would love Predo and the Hubs as well!!!

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