Monday, January 18, 2010

Jimmy's Diet...

Well, lots of emails from Jimmy's pix came in asking how he did it. It was a plan designed by a doctor friend of ours, specifically for patients with high cholesterol, diabetes, smokers etc....

It is kind of like a modified Atkins deal, but more balanced. He is going to have a web sight up with in the next few weeks for you all to see, but for now is focusing on my Hubbie. Jimmy gets his blood work this week to see if he can cut down or off of Lipitor. He has already quit the Pepcid, tums, etc. He loves to cook, so learning the "new path" has been like a lab experiment.

I hope to get him down here to tell you about it, maybe give you some recipes and/or substitutes that worked for him. Who knows! Right now he is being all super shy. He said, "Oh my Gawd, look at my double chin! I still need to lose another 5 pounds! Eack!!!"

He is such a Silly Bunny! Right now he is doing his sit ups, and Oscar (the dog) thinks this is play time! I am going to go save Jimmy, and wrestle with Oscar!!!!!!

Sleep well everyone!!!! Luv Ya!!!


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