Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The six year old terrorist....

Our friend "Lil Deb" has expressed a concern to me that I find very odd. She stated that there was a six year old boy, who used his finger as a pretend gun and said "pew, pew" as if making the shooting noise. She stated this child was expelled due to a "zero tolerance" rule, and his mother is at wits end with what to do.........

So, Kyle says....(see yesterdays post).....

In this day and age, with the gigantic drop out rate of high-school age young adults, war on television and passing out condoms to kindergardeners, something must be done. We must vanquish this type of imaginary behavior. I suggest we do the following:

1) Place this child on the terrorist watch list.
2) Place this child on the "Do not fly" list.
3) Castrate this child immediately.
4) Place this incident on the child's permanent record, thus preventing him from ever obtaining a job or contributing to society.
5) Blame the President for this child's actions, and scream in our "outdoor" voice that the sky is falling and run around in circles....

Please God, I know you receive a lot of prayers for cheaper beer, and a better year for NASCAR, but please take a look at this for me. I made imaginary guns with my fingers, and even made the "bang" sound with my highly technical vocal skills as a child, yet I graduated from school and did not destroy even my "G.I. Joe action figures"..... Non of my imaginary friends robbed banks, non of my stuffed animals ever pimped each other out, all my rehearsal time for a possible slot with the Village People never transpired into a real job and certainly non of my pets created an atomic bomb, so what has changed? Are we, as a society, blaming a six year old child for our own flaws? Is this six year old child to blame for drugs, war, gangs, incest, and molesting Priests? Really? Maybe we should all take a step back, take a big deep breathe, pull our heads out of our asses and hug the kid while telling him he could some day be president. I mean really, It worked for the Bushes, right??

Dear "P.C." reader. The above expression is in whole the views of Kyle and should not be in any way associated with the views of this Blogs owner. We, the members of "Spartacus wore a skirt", are not in any way associated with this Kyle person and are only presenting his views for your entertainment. In fact, we are actually working on two things at this time. One is to turn carbon dioxide back into oxygen and two, is to find a way to increase the frequency of sexual intercourse in our lives.

Thank you for your visit.


random thougths March 17, 2010 at 6:23 AM  

If the schools had their way, kids won't be able to use their imagination. Playing cops and robbers, or Army soldiers will be history, and the kids get to become little robots...just sayin'

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