Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week four comes to a close!

Yes, I am still alive, and still doing the P90x.....

I am now done with the four week point for the P90X, and the changes are showing. I have only lost 3 pounds so far, but I am down a pant size, and feel everything tightening up. My muscle definition is becoming more obvious, and my core strength is noticeably increased. This is paying off so far!

Now, my confusion is with the calorie counts. The food calculation reflects that I should have about 2700 calories per day as a minimum, but with the food choices given for the serving counts (and being a vegetarian for 24 years) don’t allow me to get that many calories. I know I should limit calories to lose weight, but need calories to gain muscle. So, how do I lose weight and gain muscle? Funny question right? Yes, it seems to be.

After reviewing calorie needs from 10 different web sites (including P90X and The Mayo Clinic), I have been given 10 completely different figures based on the same input information. So, needless to say, my confusion has just been multiplied by 10!!!!

So, unless anyone of you out there can help clarify my slightly dazed and confused vision of how it should be for a vegetarian on a diet, I will simply plug along as is and see what happens. The worse case is I learn from my mistakes and push through the P90X again, which would not be a bad thing at all!

Now, on to week five, and double workouts!!!

Next time we meet, I may be in traction.....

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