Saturday, April 10, 2010

SSG and Special K caught on film.....

Yes dear readers! I have caught the illustrious SSG and Special K on film. It is Saturday, and after minutes of sitting in the parking lot of the nail salon, I caught them "pink" handed. Of course, Peter Frampton was on the radio, so I had to listen to the complete "Do you fell like we do". I crept out of my camo-mini-cooper, slunk behind some bushes and awaited the arrival. Special K was first, I met her at her vehicle door, and in a state of shock she saw me. She ran into the salon screaming "PAPARATSY, PAPARATSY" while covering he head with a nice angora throw she just happened to have laying around. Then SSG arrived, prepared as usual. Her limo pulled up, and the driver (dressed scantily, in some mock fireman uniform) opened the door. Just as SSG was about to step out, I was clubbed from behind, with a pigeon, by some small asian woman. I fought hard before the eighty-something, kung-fu wielding, one legged woman knocked me down for the count!

Regardless, I was able to sneak these photo's below......

Above, is SSG sporting the color for spring. This lavender/pink mix is quite impressive, if only the black light drying machine would let me get a clear look at the tone that will certainly set teen-age hearts all a flutter in a rage to get themselves the exact same brand!

Special K of course, went awe natural as she has to break bricks in karate class and did not want to worry of chips in the polish. Plus, she doesn't want to be all "flashy" like those people out at Walmart! But listen Ladies, what ever the reason, natural french tip is always a true classic, and should be worn at least 8 weeks out of the year.

After the nail salon, it was a quick trip for Thai food for these two fashion plates. They dined on noodles and rice in the secluded "Members Only" section, where I was not allowed to take photo's. The food however, was lover-ly!!!

After lunch, SSG tried to escape me on the road, but I was too quick for her and caught the above photo at the stop light. Yes, it is true....An actual SSG sighting!!!!!! Calm down now, there is no charge, everyone is free to examine!!!!

I continued to follow SSG and was led to the most secretive find to date. I am afraid I have to tell you, that among us lives a group so devious, so sneaky, so secretive that even the FBI knows little of them. I have no other way then to just spit it out. Prepare yourself, here it is. You see, among our kind lives....knitters! RUN, SAVE YOURSELF, WOMEN AND CHILDREN AFTER ME!!!!

Just kidding....SSG is now developing a scientific knitting process that will change the face of the planet (as long as what ever she is knitting is flat and rectangular with no seams or counting).

Here is my proof! I caught her slinking off to this place!!! She even took a business card!!! I think she may even be planning a "Dirty Gyrls Knitting Party" with lemon drop coasters made in yarn and everything!!!

I present to you, The Yarn Barn!

4 comments: April 11, 2010 at 4:11 PM  

WOW! I feel so privileged to have gotten to actually see real, live, photos of the elusive SSG! Predo you are a genius! You should totally get gazillions of bucks from The Enquirer for those!

Bella Della April 12, 2010 at 5:44 PM  

Just fell out of my chair laughing...I so needed that. And I've been wondering what SSG was up to. Now I know where to go to find out ;)


(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl April 13, 2010 at 7:19 AM  

Haha! I love it! That was such a fun day, we must do it again soon. Your cashmere knit jock strap is JUST about finished.


Big Hair Envy April 15, 2010 at 1:08 PM  

I hope you've locked those photos away in a secret place! There's no telling what measures the elusive SSG will go to in order to recover them;)

If only you had gotten a photo of the scantily-clad fireman chauffer...

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