Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Number four

Everyone always got a good laugh from Grandpa's tales, and he made sure that he never put a name or singled anyone out that might get their feelings hurt. I should mention, his tales are not the cleanest ones, but he does pick on everyone, just to be fair. So, I intend to post of few of his stories, and up front as that no one feel offended. These are just simple, old time stories that he himself grew up on. Please enjoy them.

There was a guy sitting in a bar one night drinking. An old pet Tom cat came down to the top of the bar and went walking by.

The Old Guy says “By God, my pecker’s long as that cats tail!”

Oh boy, everyone jumped on that, and so he said, “Well, measure the cat!”

So they measured the cat, and then said “well get your pecker out!” Then they measured it and of course it was way short.

“Well you got to measure me like you did that cat! From the asshole out!”

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