Sunday, November 2, 2008

Statistically speaking...

I am no genius, nor am I eloquent.  I have a limited institutional education, and am quite shy in groups of people I do not really know.  Having said that, there are times that I can feel reality facing society right in the eye, and they still do not see it, but I can!  For instance:

  • The divorce rate in america, depending on whom you look up, is between 43% and 50%.
  • The USA is are considered the most obese population in the universe. 
  • The USA throws away more food per month then some countries have in a year.
  • More people are taking prescription and non-prescription drugs then any other time in history.
  • Unwanted pregnancy, child abuse and homelessness are on a steady rise, daily.
Why is it that I point these items out?  Is it to start an argument?  Ruin your day?  Make a point?

Okay, I am trying to make a point.  Put your views aside for a moment and think about some things.  First and foremost, use common sense.  Here we go...

In America, we are in the middle of a huge battle regarding the sanctity of marriage.  Sanctity is defined as "holiness of life and character" and "the quality or state of being holy or sacred".  With almost half of all marriages ending in divorce, what does common sense tell you?

As a society, we consume and waste more in the USA then anywhere else in the world.  We are considered as a group to be unfit and overweight, yet we spend more money on diet fads and exercise products then most third world countries have in net worth.  Conflicting?

We are surrounded by markets, restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores.  We eat until we are bloated and then toss our left overs down the disposal.  We spend more money on a simple coffee then it would take to feed a homeless man a Thanksgiving dinner.  With an abundance of food there are people starving.  Hmmmm.

The pharmaceutical industry is incredibly profitable, and so is the illegal drug trade.  If we look at "mood enhancing" or "anti-depressive behavior modifying" drugs alone, we have a statistically astounding increase over time since the late 1940's.  Wether with a doctors signature or from a plastic baggy, there is a portion of these users that do not really need these drugs.  Why do you think that is?  What is it that we need to hide from?   

Children.  After having read and thought about all of the above statements, is there anything more I need to say on this topic?

So, now, tell me why I bring these topics up.  I am a gay man, in a wonderful, monogamous relationship for over 17 years.  I can not marry.  I am a vegetarian for almost 20 years.  I recycle, involve myself politacally, and support organic and natural farming.  I am healthy, with no prescriptions, and I do not use illegal substances.  I do not, nor will I have children.  Again, tell me why I bring these topics up.  Common sense should clearly tell you.

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