Saturday, November 15, 2008

The top 100, day one....

So, today I start with my top 100!  I won't be setting them up in any specific order, or ranking them like a billboard list, but this will provide snip-its of my life.  Each of these albums has made such an impact on my life, or at least connected to a specific timeframe, that I can not put one as more valued then another....So before I bore you to tears, I should get started.....

From Tori Amos, to The Bingo Boys and Candy Flip?  I mean who is kidding?  These three definitely do not fit the same playlist, right?  Wrong....

I had just come back from overseas, been involved with Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and hit the USA without the ability to legally drink!  Ack!  Any-who - You can guess that with the life I had been living this was a little hard to swallow!  I had some issues relating to people my own age (of course) but inevitably found the three greatest friends I could have had at the time!  P, R, and L!  P was infatuated with Madonna, R with Janet Jackson and L with any woman on the face of the planet!  We went to Seattle EVERY CHANCE WE GOT!!  (This is where I slyly tie in The Bingo Boys and Candy Flip!)  You see, the four of us worked out dance routines to these albums (remember the very early 90's???).  So we would practice these routines until flawless, more "Ice-Ice Baby" then Grunge of course, but we got a lot of attention for our efforts!  R was the choreographer, I was the DJ, and L and P were back-up with the hopes it would get them laid!  We would go to an underage club called "The Oz" and shake our asses til the wee morning hours.  I have to admit, we were damn good (well, we did put in a lot of sweat equity for it).  We kind of got a following, and enjoyed the attention.  I was the flashiest, with the hard, more acrobatic moves,  while R was very smooth, jazzy like.  P and L just followed the pace, and hung around to pick up the chicks that R and I let down......(wonder why!!!)

Anyway, these albums have no real content to them for me, but they make me remember the most amazing time - I call it "My Band Stand days"....oh, the tawdry tales I could tell about P and L!  (Crabs, the clap, and the big mean vegetarian biker chick!!!)

Then there was Tori.  Ah, she broke into my life like a herd of elephants!  It was a Saturday, raining heavy outside, and I was in the TV room with a bunch of my GI friends.  VH1 was on, and they introduced a new artist for the first time.  Tori Amos popped up with her first video, Little Earthquakes.  After the song was over, I turned to my friends and said "This girl is going to be HUGE!!!"  They looked at me and laughed, idiots!!  So I waited for this album to come out, bought it, and have memorized every flavorful morsel.  This is one of those albums that every song is exceptional, the entire album is like taking a ride through your own emotional state.  This album is a must have, for sure.  If you do not have it right now, you must do everything you can to get it!  I swear you will not be disappointed!  Bath time is FABULOUS with this album!!!

Tori Amos - Precious Things- Live

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes - Live


big hair envy November 15, 2008 at 3:39 PM  

I KNOW that I am MUCH older than you are, but do you have to rub it in??? I don't know who these people are. The last Pop Princess that I worshipped was Madonna. She's freakin' 50 now!!!

Pass the Lemon Drops, please.

I wish I had been there to see you shakin' your little tushie in the club. I would have been one of your groupies:)

Predo November 15, 2008 at 4:14 PM  

MADONNA IS THE GODDESS OF THE UNIVERSE!!! She is still HAWT!!! You know, my people are born with the gene that forces us to worship her!!!!

Your not old at all, I just have odd taste!!! November 15, 2008 at 4:14 PM  

So one big thing I am coming away with is that, yesterday, when I texted John asking him to bring me a cocktail while I soaked in the tub, I really should have had him on Limewire downloading Tori Amos and playing it for me.
Thank you so much for your help, case hey, if bath time can ever be improved upon I am aaaaaall over it! Lurves me a hot bath!

Frita November 15, 2008 at 8:27 PM  

Tori totally reminds me of living overseas. I was in the Peace Corps from 93-95 and a friend had her CD. I think it was our exclusive chill albumn after a party for about a year at least.

How were the lemon drops tonight?

Frita November 15, 2008 at 8:30 PM  

Big Hair Envy... I'm thinking we're about the same age since I worshiped the divine Ms. M when she first came on the scene too. We're not THAT old...

Hard to believe she's 50 isn't it?

Predo -were you at the Oz in Seattle?

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